Why us?

  • The Offshore era is over
  • SMEs cannot get International banking solutions.
  • Very little Private Fundraising mechanisms for SMEs in LATAM.
  • Global automatic information exchange is real.
  • Owner managers have very high demand for but very low trust in service providers.
  • The cost of doing international business has doubled (2X).

International Tax is built in to our projects.

International Business – when combined with sound international tax planning yield best performance for Small to Medium sized cross border projects.

International Trusts – Charitable Foundations and US Domestic trusts for US persons.  US and Canada trusts for Latin American clients investing in the USA.

Mithril Degale Private Equity

Non US persons from Latin America – There are significant opportunities for SMEs and closely held businesses from Latin American markets that can benefit from a combination of US & Canadian capital, and international tax structuring.

Local footprint and local capability for the projects we work on.

Boutique – any project that we are working with we have been organically involved. We are a boutique and we work the boutique way.


Mithril Degale Private Equity

Mithril Degale applies international tax planning ideas and solutions to the cross border projects we work with.  The clients we work with use the natural strengths in US, CANADA and Barbados international tax structuring.  Arrangements selected are able to increase yield through use of Double tax Conventions to reduce withholding taxes and increase yields and cashflow.


Mithril Degale Private Equity

The international business world is entering into a period of uncharted uncertainty. Robust International Trust arrangements are therefore needed.

US persons need US domestic trusts and Charitable Foundations for estate planning. We specialize in implementing robust international trusts that have commercial purposes. These international trusts use Double tax treaties for protection of yield.  

Non US persons – are offered Canadian trusts or US domestic trusts.  When done correctly Canada and US have the same amount of confidentiality.


Mithril Degale Private Equity

Owner managers in the US and Canada are facing high cost structures and increasing volatility and uncertainty.  We think there is significant cross border opportunity for the right people to combine Northern capital and capability with international opportunities.


Mithril Degale Private Equity

The days of using Cayman and BVI companies, that have no commercial purpose or substance for international business are over.  Barbados offers the same tax neutral platform as BVI, Cayman as other small tax neutral countries.  The only difference is that  Barbados has a Double Tax Treaty with the USA since 1984.  We specialize in applying all the benefits of the bilateral treaty to our customers and their international trust and company arrangements.


Mithril Degale Private Equity

Large banks can no longer maintain legal compliance and oversight of thousands of owner manager companies doing cross border business. Banks globally are beginning to freeze and close bank accounts of small businesses doing cross border business.  Owner mangers worth less than US$100M will soon no longer be able to access international business banking at a Private Client Service level. Core banking software  platform is free for boutique banks with less than three thousand customers.  We believe there is a boutique private bank opportunity to solve this problem.