Mithril Degale Private Equity

What we do

The services we offer.
Mithril Degale Private Equity

International tax planning

Making sure that international tax advice is properly implemented and administered.

Mithril Degale Private Equity

International Trust Advisory.

We specialize in arranging trust structures such as US domestic trusts, Canadian and Barbados trusts that use Double tax treaties to reduce costs and protect wealth.

Mithril Degale Private Equity

International Business

is now more than lawyers incorporating companies. Involves the right amount of commercial reality and business purpose. We have the ability to help clients achieve a cost effective operations in US, Canada and Barbados.

Mithril Degale Private Equity

Managing Special Purpose Vehicles.

We have advisory and operational capability.  We can help you get it done.  Working as part of the cross border management on specific projects including International Joint Ventures.

Trust and corporate administration

Attention to detail. We find that many owner managers and entrepreneurs do not implement their tax advice. Also many international tax advisors are not in the field helping the owner manager make sure his advice is implemented.