International Business and Trust Advisory
Consultancy to help our clients profit and generate cashflow from international opportunity.

Mithril Degale Private Equity
Mithril Degale Private Equity

International Trust Advisory.

  • Jurisdictions – Delaware, Barbados, Canada.
  • Type of trust – Commercial or wealth management
Mithril Degale Private Equity

International Tax Planning.

  • Unlike many tax lawyers and advisors, we work with you to implement your international tax advice is implemented, administered and followed so that outcomes are achieved.
  • We have capabilities in US, Canada and Barbados.
  • We focus on implementing advice.
Mithril Degale Private Equity

International Real Estate.

  • The international business has changed.  There is no more “offshore” only onshore.
  • Real estate has new meaning.  It means you are onshore.
  • Onshore Barbados  means you have a  platform for international opportunity.

We are a cross border international tax consultancy that will help you implement and make optimal use of international tax planning advice.

Mithril Degale Private Equity


For US owner managers doing international business, there are options that will help you increase your wealth and ability to compete at a faster rate. 

For non US owner managers investing in the US, the US provides a confidential jurisdiction with the rule of law and protection of private property rights.


Latin American clients who have concerns over confidentiality – there are ways where the US and Canada offer the same confidentiality.

Mithril Degale Private Equity


The glue that binds opportunities together and focuses on yield generation and cashflow.  The age of Offshore is over.  Closely held businesses can adapt and increase yields from cross border projects.


A Standard, normal tax neutral jurisdiction Barbados is just like Ireland, BVI, Cayman. Barbados has strategic linkage with US, Canada and Latin America. Barbados has had a DTA with USA since 1984 and one with Canada since 1980 and is 3 hours from Miami.